Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's Beef???

Right now in Hip Hop, beef is a joke!!! Its not about who can discredit who the most on wax like it used to be. Now its more like who can say 'bitch ass nigga' the most. (hinting) No one can spit any more. Im thinking about starting a new campaign in the Rap world to get the word 'beef' changed to ummmm, Wrestle!!! Now, i laughed when i saw 50 dissing Ross wearing the SoulGlow wig but where's the diss tracks.

i personally dont care who Ross babymamma is or how 'Curly' walks around with Security. As a Hip Hop fan, I want to hear not only some music but some good music. The major thing thAT i hate about this whole 'beef' thing is how everybody say either 'I aint wit this back and forth shit' or 'When I see em, Its on'. where's the music people. But getting back to the word 'beef', i think wrestling sounds better because all you have to do is take off your shirt and talk shit only making a handful of sense. When Jay dissed Nas it was monumental, i remember where is was when i heard 'Takeover' and also 'Ether'. That was in '01, who since then has made a diss song thats even halfway close? In my opinion, the Sigel/Jada beef was cool but they didnt bring the heat like they were supposed to. but other than that, u had Em/Zino (wack), 50/Ja (Need I say more), Jay-Z/Jim Jones (Jimmy's awful), T.I./LO (LOL). Not to mention, Soulja Boy/ Bow Wow, that was a F'N JOKE!!!! So in conclusion, 'Rappers' if your going to 'Beef' with another untalented 'rapper' then do us all a favor and JUST SAY NO!!!
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