Wednesday, February 25, 2009


OVERRATED a slick term that reminds me of today's GIMICKS of hiphop. but dont get it confused not just today but as far as i can remember but thats another blog for another day. Putting a rapper on a pedestal and having others believe your argument is a crime of sort. when i thought about this subject earlier, i wasnt even going to name anyone in particular but f*** it. Lil Wayne is the most overrated rapper since 1977--- PERIOD. and people, please dont get it confused, saying 'he hating' or 'he just mad cause he aint on', i WAS actually a fan. not during the bling era but in his mid-career during the sqad up mixtapes, lights out, 500 degrees and the Carter 1. but it seems the minute i startED to respect dude for his lyrical ability and originality---BOOM, here comes the Carter 2. now dont get me wrong, i tried people, i actually went out and bought the CD. now im not saying it was weak but the whole point of putting out a follow up disk is to show growth. not the mention the HYPE build around the Carter 3 ( in my opinion, his worst release to date). now, i agree that he has payed his dues but calling this man the greatest rapper alive is a travesty. just because he's on everybody's single (which is not a problem, get your money) doesnt mean he's the BEST. think about this people, if wayne was to die today, what does he leave for people in 20 years to listen to...(Lollipop, got money, mrs officer)? c'mon people!!!!!! my point being... if the only thing you have to do is JUMP on everyone song and mumble some shit then why is ummmmmm Ron Browz not the best. And if it's because he sold and 'milli' his first week, shame on you because... its- already- been- done. sorry. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE...SCRIPTS1

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