Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yo even though we're late it looks to be a good year. Here a little update on what happening with SNS.

-SNS is launching a brand new, super-hi-tech, crazy-dope website on Feb. 1. The website will be homebase for everything Scripts 'N Screwz. We will also give out tons of free music and other coolness. Stay tuned and visit www.scriptsnscrewz.com everyday no matter what (or just check out TRU LUSERS.)

-Scripts N Screwz are slated to release a new mixtape/album/a-bunch-of-songs & remixes in the next few months. The Disc will be titled "The Mothership" and will feature a bunch of unreleased music, as well as remixes of songs from their debut album, "The New Noise". The mixtape will be released digital FOR FREE exclusive through the duos new website. So check the site daily for that nu-nu.

- SNS is in the beginning stages of their first feature length motion picture. The duo is working with acclaimed St. Louis writer/director Ronnell Bennett on the project. The entire film will be shot in St. Louis and E. St. Louis, and it won't be I'm Bout It, or Killa Season, or State Property or every other rap movie, this one will be kind of trippy. That all we're saying right now stay tuned for more on this project.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Happy New Year!

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